The Most Thoughtful Gift


At this time of year, many of us are considering the best gifts for our nearest and dearest, friends and acquaintances.

You might be tearing your hair out wondering what’s the best gift that shows just how much you care or not.  You might just be in search of a remarkable gift that will be the finishing touch to your  Christmas masterpiece.  Whatever your reason, if you care about the person you’re buying for, you’ll want it to be thoughtful in some way.  Here’s a little secret. It’s not as complicated as you might think, it’s just a matter of going back to basics.

What Type of Christmas Gift Are You Looking For?


Well, before I share a great list of thoughtful present ideas, first things first.  Are you clear on the type of gift you’re giving? My type of gift?  I hear you ask. Take a moment and think about it. Are you looking for a gift that shows love and appreciation, a gift that will bring you Kudos or an obligatory gift? This question is great starting point for your Christmas shopping.

You might be thinking that Christmas is just around the corner and you’ve got too many gifts to buy. You might feel as though you don’t have much time to get it all done, not to mention so many other things to think about right now.   Hmm. You’ve probably pushed the thought of your Christmas shopping to the back of your mind happy that you’ll know the perfect gift when you see it.  If that’s the case you’re probably an obligatory shopper.

If that’s where you are on your Christmas journey, it’s time to be honest about how you’re approaching your Christmas shopping this year to make sure that your Christmas shopping is less painful.


If on the other hand, you’re unphased by the prospect of Christmas shopping because you’re looking for a gift that will top last year’s to ensure that the next gift that you’ll receive will be amazing, you’re in search of a gift that will bring you Kudos.

If you can identify with this situation, it’s likely that you’re giving to receive, also known as strategic giving. In spite of your uncanny knack to find perfect gifts, there’s no harm in getting a little help to maintain your form with gift ideas that will give you kudos.

Finally, for those of you who don’t identify with either of the other two approaches, it’s likely that you’re that person full of love and Christmas spirit, who looks forward to another opportunity to show those nearest and dearest to you how much you love and appreciate them.   You’ve probably started buying your gifts earlier in the year and if not, more gift ideas and inspiration won’t go amiss.

If you’re still not sure of what type of Christmas shopper you are, take the What Type of Shopper Are You? test and find out.

So, the wait is over (or the skim read, if you’ve skipped to the paragraph that relates to you). Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to help each and every one of you this Christmas regardless of the type of shopper you are.

The Most Thoughtful Gift Ideas

So what makes  a thoughtful gift? Well, I think it’s all about giving that special someone space to reflect, recharge and have fun. This is supported by the results of The Rest Test, research completed by Hubbub in conjunction with The Wellcome Trust and BBC World  about what is the most restful activity. The top 5 restful activities are:

  1. Reading
  2. Looking at or being in a natural environment
  3. Spending time alone
  4. Listening to music
  5. Doing nothing in particular

To make sure that your gift is well received this Christmas, make sure to give a gift that will provide the lucky recipient an opportunity to rest and recharge.  That way, you’ll be remembered as the person who put a lot of thought into your gifts.

So, here’s a list of thoughtful gifts that suit your shopping style.

Gifts for Kudos


Those who are intent on making a big impact with their gift to ensure that any future gifts they may receive will be just as impressive should consider giving a thoughtful gift that  takes into account some of the most luxurious relaxing activities. Here are 3 great kudos earning gift ideas;

1.A Spa Weekend

I’d recommend Luton Hoo, which I fall in love with every time I return. The soothing country landscape, traditional country house setting, brasserie food and treatments are the best and will earn you much appreciation.

2. A Personal Home Massage

A massage is the ultimate treat, especially if you’re time starved as a result of work or           family life.  If your loved one doesn’t have time to get out, why not take the                             massage to them?  Urban Massage delivers massage therapists to you in London,                     Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow. For extra points, why not book a             hotel stay and an in room massage for the ultimate memorable gift.

3. An Experience

Research shows that experiences instead of things make people happier so consider             organising an experience for that special someone.  You could join them for the experience or even include a friend of theirs to make the experience even more thoughtful.  Finally to add a relaxation element, you could include music with tickets to a concert.

Gifts of Love and Appreciation


1.A Gift of Me Time

This is the perfect gift for the overworked individuals and busy parents.  Sometimes the       simple things are the best.  Giving that special someone some time alone to do something or nothing is a very thoughtful gift.  Why not organise a day, afternoon or weekend of me time for them by arranging every detail from childcare, travel and even a few activities.  Your loved one will be over the moon, rested and refreshed.  If you’d like to give a less elaborate but just as thoughtful a gift, give your special someone a Me, Myself and I box subscription which I’ve created. Each box contains a range of gorgeous gifts, home products and activities that recharge and inspire each month.  One off boxes are also available.

2. A Personalised Gift

Nothing says I care more than giving someone something with their name                               or a personal message.  Don’t worry, personalised gifts don’t always have to be             expensive. I absolutely love Etsy and the great quality of gifts available.  Another great           company is Getting Personal that offers a wide range of  affordable personalised gift             ideas.

3. All 3 ideas from the Giving to Receive list as they’re also great love and                                        appreciation ideas!

Obligatory Gifts


You can still be thoughtful even if you’re shopping because you have to.  Have a look at the suggestions below that will help you to score brownie points with little effort.

1. Books

You  can’t go wrong with a good book if you know what the lucky person is into, if not there’s always the reliable book voucher.  This is  a great opportunity to share any great books you’ve read or help them to discover a new book. This can be for a physical book, I love the selection aviable in Watersones, ebook Kindle Books are a great place to or an audible book.

2. Music

Music makes the world go around, or at least it does for music lovers!  A music voucher is a great idea for those who don’t want to think too hard but want to bring a smile to someone’s face.  Make sure to buy a voucher that will be compatible with the lucky person’s phone. itunes or The Play Store

3. Food Selection

A favourite and inspiration of many. A food inspired gift won’t go amiss this christmas because it will encourage the recipient to take a moment to enjoy it. They may even be able to share your gift with another person which is even better.

It’s a wrap!

So there you have it, some thoughtful gifts to help you give whichever way you prefer this Christmas. I wish you all the best on your Christmas shopping quest. May the Christmas Force be with you.


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